New Motor Installation

Garage Door New Motor Installation

Step by step guide for new motor installation in your garage door

Installing a new motor may become necessary if the old one has broken down and is beyond repair. New motor installation is a slightly complicated procedure and is not exactly your run of the mill kind of repair and installation. It requires you to follow certain safety precautions as well as a careful step by step guide. Here are some quick steps explained in the simplest language possible to help you in new motor installation in your garage door.

  • When you dismantle the old broken down motor, you will be required to unscrew it from the main door mechanism. Using these same screws, you will have to attach the new motor and the sprocket to the main unit and fit it in securely with the screws.
  • Once the sprocket is in place, screw in the motor with the help of four screws which also you would have retrieved while dismantling the old motor.
  • Next, the electrical wires, which are red, white and blue in colour have to connected to the motor through the correct ports.
  • When this is done, the limit switch and RPM sensor will have to be put back in their original position. If you can’t remember their original position, you will have to consult a instruction guide.
  • Reconnect all the wires which you would have previously disconnected while dismantling the old motor.
  • Finally, fit in the cover of the motor with the help of screws which is the final step for new motor installation for your garage door.